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Vanquish Care

Bump Blaster Spray

Bump Blaster Spray

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Are you tired of dealing with irritation, ingrown hairs, and outbreaks after shaving or waxing?

Look no further, because this Bump Blaster Spray is a must-have for anyone who shaves or waxes.

Simply apply to any area you shave or wax to reduce razor or wax site irritation, prevent ingrown hairs, and prevent boils. Just be sure not to spray it in or near your mouth.

Our product uses purified water and soothing lavender to provide relief to irritated skin. To use, simply hold the bottle 8-12 inches away from your facial or genital area and apply as needed.

As always, if you experience any additional discomfort, stop using the product and seek medical attention as you may be allergic to one of the ingredients. We want to help you achieve smooth, irritation-free skin with our approachable and effective Bump Blaster Spray.


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Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews

Love it I also use the bomp blaster every time I shave my head and beard no more bumps thank you

Kimberly Williams

These products are the best and works Instantly and they help with different things the best!

Debbie Wray

It works like magic .thanks I love this

Lotus T.
Happy Forever Customer

The vanquish care products are the only ones I use for my HSV2 needs. The soap, the spray, and cream works really fast in curbing my symptoms. I'm a happy forever customer! My first time buying the bump blaster spray and I've used it once since shaving. So far so good!


Bump Blaster Spray